To demonstrate impact and value for money, excellence in monitoring and evaluation practice – with robust data collection and rigorous analysis of outcomes’ data – is critical. Setting appropriate outcome indicators enables you to assess the economic and social impact of your programmes. Establishing these from the outset helps you to measure progress and achievement effectively.

Our comprehensive range of monitoring and evaluation (M&E) services helps you to focus on the issues that prevent efficient and effective results.

Why choose monitoring and evaluation services from CARTEOSO?

Whether you are working in development, a public agency, a private sector organization running public services, a social enterprise or a charity, we can help you:

  • Set measurable outcome objectives
  • Design realistic data collection approaches in difficult environments
  • Analyze and report outcome data objectively and credibly

A wide range of Our M&E services

Our M&E consulting can help you:

  • Plan the intervention
  • Apply the M&E methodology to your context practically
  • Understand how to report outcomes, and assess impact and value for money 
  • Build customized internal M&E capabilities

Our M&E training offers you a global pool of expert consultants and trainers. They provide support to your program and project teams as they build collective and individual competence.

Our M&E training offers you:

  • Rigorous, top-quality courses – externally accredited and certified 
  • Modular set-up, enabling progressive application of the acquired skills to ensure lasting learning, immediate added value and high cost-effectiveness
  • The knowledge and skills to:
    • Direct resources towards measurable outcomes
    • Monitor investments effectively and efficiently
    • Create evaluation reporting that is robust and can be trusted
    • Drive outcomes that can be evidenced